Our Story


We are Danielle Dippel, Jen Domaracki, and Lori Campbell ... and we are "Three B's Finderys."

Our mission is to upcycle the old and discarded, making it new again. We showcase the beauty in things that have seen their time.

It all started here

It all started here

We are friends and neighbors in beautiful, Sussex County, New Jersey.
We plan neighborhood dinners with our families, our kids play ... outdoors, like kids are supposed to, and we have our own fun collecting and flipping treasures.

Before our venture with Three B's Finderys, we would frequent local sales together. Each one of us would hop back in the car with something completely different, but equally awesome. We all have an appreciation for past treasures and a unique eye for finding them.

On the day that kick started Three B's we each set aside time in our schedules to attend an estate sale. Danielle had us there an hour before we even had to be. (She is never late for a sale!) We ran straight to our items of choice — of course, three different directions. The banter between us kept the other sale-goers amused. We finished up earlier than we thought. On our way back home, we were so fired up by our finds, we couldn't go back to life as usual just yet. So, we went to a place where all respectable Americans brainstorm great ideas, the bar! It was a day unlike most, but one which will go down in Three B's history.

Later, Danielle showed us her vault of hidden gems. Those that she has spent years collecting ... vintage signs, salvaged windows, custom folk art ... all items that spoke to her. All items that had Jen and Lori's jaws on the floor in disbelief. Each one of us saw the masked  beauty in these finds. We wanted to showcase items like these in a way that the rest of the world would welcome. Our individual strengths compliment each other so nicely. We thought, "We can do this!"

Our families had a hand in naming our venture. Who are we? We are the Three B's. (Don't ask what the "B" stands for because we won't tell ya!) We borrowed Danielle's oldest daughter's word for found treasure ..."finderys." It just all seemed to go together — "Three B's Finderys."