Meet Lori

Lori Campbell, aka "B3"

Lori Campbell, aka "B3"

I am Lori Campbell, otherwise known as "B3."

Several years ago I bought a Hoosier Cabinet and a love affair with things from the past began. Antique stores and flea markets won out over malls.

For me an old barn filled with things that haven't seen daylight in years, is like heaven on earth. I love anything that is rusted, galvanized, or on its last leg. I love finding something that talks to you and tells you what it wants to be. I love that the pieces have had past life. I always try to imagine where something has been or who has touched it.

I recently bought an old Pepsi crate to use for Three B's. When I got home I saw that it was from Jamestown, NY. Lucille Ball is from Jamestown and I have now convinced myself she once took a Pepsi from the crate. Whether she did or didn't doesn't matter, all that matters is it will never leave my house, just in case!

The stories behind the things are stories I could listen to all day. I love bringing the past into the present.
I am blessed that my wonderful husband is very supportive in my ventures. I am also blessed that my son can grow up here in Sussex County, NJ and have a certain freedom that I had in Bergen County many moons ago.

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