Meet Jen

Jen Domaracki, aka "B2"

Jen Domaracki, aka "B2"

I love all things old school, from design — right down to my music.

I have a background in art and design. Finderys that touch upon the history of commercial design get me excited — vintage prints, old signage, textiles, packaging, letterpress print type blocks ... oh my! I love just about anything from the mid-century era.

I also have a passion for the written word. There is such beauty in handwriting. I consider it an art! I am fascinated by written postcards, hand written signs, even graffiti (yeah, sue me!) If my daughters' school district ever threatens to remove handwriting from the curriculum ... I will be there picketing! Until then, I will always encourage us Bs to use old techniques over technology to enhance our finds. It's all about the old school!

Any day which I am flexing my creative skills is a good day for me!

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