Meet Danielle

Danielle Dippel, aka "B1"

Danielle Dippel, aka "B1"

Ok, ok, ok — I am a borderline hoarder!

Never can resist a discarded treasure when I know there’s so much potential left in it. My car just automatically follows any garage sale signs (it does it by itself, I swear). It makes my family a little crazy when I bring home so many “finderys,” but they always seem to say, “Wow, thats really cool!”

I’m not biased to a certain design or style — if there’s life left, it’s in the trunk!! I see beauty in ordinary things.

I have a system or protocol on my “finderys.”  I know how to look and weed out the junk. I’m getting quite good at it actually. It all started with my mom bringing me to flea markets and antique stores when I was little. I vividly remember going to the flea market in Chester, NJ all the time.  (Now there's a strip mall in its place.)

I took sketching and sculpture class in college ... and photography, too — even though I have a Biology degree.

My primary job requires me to drive A LOT. I get a lot of a$$ time if you will — so, my miles are long and my “finderys" are frequent.

So frequent that I needed a plan.  “I don’t want to be a hoarder!”  I rounded up my girls who I thought would make an excellent team. They quickly agreed, and so it began, the beginning of a legacy!

We create things from RAW materials. There isn’t too much duplication. If you like it, you can be assured that someone else will, too!!

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